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Stand Alone dev system

So I like to have my dev systems reflect as closely as possible a production system, which includes least-privilege based service accounts.  Thank you PSConfig in stand alone mode, you dont have a lot of flexability and it regular mode, you can't use local accounts as service accounts.

So on one of my dev machines, I used as a test in a pinch for somthing that basically ended up with me borking my config DB. I really didnt have a problem with this since I initially installed in standalone mode and it had installed SQL 08, when I perfered 08R2 for this environment. So after a handful of tries, disconnecting via:

psconfig -cmd configdb -disconnect

and rerunning the PSConfigGui app, it continued to attempt to connect to the SQL express instance it initially installed (which I had disabled the service and later entirely removed the instance)

So I then went, removed all of the sites in IIS and all assigned application pools but still received the same error.  After some digging, it turns out that in:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\14.0\WSS  

there is a key called:


that, as far as i can tell, has two options:



So switching mine from STANDALONE to APPLICATION and then rerunning the PSConfigGUI finally allowed me to create a new, fresh farm.